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CARES Kansas Foundation

What is the CARES Foundation?


CARES is a private for profit corporation with the majority of family shareholders. In 2012, the Cares Foundation was organized with an independent volunteer board of directors for the purpose of financial support of CARES Incorporated. We offer a variety of services that if offered separately are not necessarily unique, but when offered together make our organization one-of-a-kind for the elderly and disabled community. This aspect of CARES allows life for those people in need of our services to be less complicated and more independent. Our conviction and passion for those in need flows directly from the love we have graciously received through Jesus Christ.
The CARES KS Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 not for profit organization thatdirectly supports the CARES, Inc. Canine Assistance Program. 95% of allmonies donated are used to off set the costs of the training andplacement of assistance dogs. Monies can also be donated forscholarships to help individuals obtain a service dog. The remaining 5%goes towards printing, phone service, annual paperwork, accounting,


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